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  30/05/2022 19:59        


The Faculty of Education is one of the basic training faculties of Khanh Hoa University with a very early history of formation and development associated with the name of Nha Trang Pedagogical College. The main task of the Faculty is to manage and organize the implementation of teaching and learning plans and educational and research activities according to the regulations of the school. Implementing program objectives and regulations on training subjects undertaken by the Faculty, coordinate teaching activities with scientific research and improve qualifications.

With 27 lecturers (01 Assoc. PhD, 04 PhDs, 20 masters, of which 06 lecturers are studying doctoral degree), Faculty of Pedagogy is currently in charge of 3 subject teams and training 4 basic majors, namely Primary Education, Literature Pedagogy, Math Pedagogy and Physics Pedagogy. All majors provide undergraduate training from the 2015-2016 school year, only Primary Education has been officially licensed to train at university level according to Decision 1557/QD-BGD&DT dated May 14, 2021 starting university enrollment in the academic year 2021-2022.

Figure 1. Staff and lecturers of Faculty of Pedagogy

With regard to professional facets, lecturers are always conscious of self-research, innovating teaching methods, and improving training programs in accordance with the characteristics of each major. In order for professional activities to be really effective, the faculty has planned to divide into specialized groups according to certain criteria. Every month, the groups meet together to suggest activities and carry out professional activities such as unifying curricula, lesson plans and teaching methods to improve the quality of education for students. In addition to building a long-term strategy with specific tasks, the Faculty of Pedagogy is trying to make a worthy contribution to the implementation of the school's plans and tasks with the goal of making Khanh Hoa University more and more developed to build a reputation not only in the South Central region but also the Central Highlands.

What the teachers of the Faculty of Pedagogy are most concerned about is how to combine theory and practice so that when students graduate from school, they do not have to be surprised by the rich and diverse practical activities, how to enhance Training vocational skills for students, attaching training objectives to meet social needs. It is the tireless efforts of the teachers of the Faculty of Pedagogy that the Faculty has gradually asserted its position, becoming one of the basic training faculties contributing to the brand name of Khanh Hoa University. In recent years, the Faculty has always received a lot of compliments from agencies and units where the faculty's students are working as an internship. Faculty's students are actually trained and assigned to work at school units in the province such as Tan Lap 2 Primary School, Loc Tho Primary School and some primary schools in Nha Trang, Dien Khanh, Sports centers in Nha Trang city, Cam Ranh, Ninh Hoa, Dien Khanh, Cam Lam districts, etc.

Figure 2. Member of Party Committee of Faculty of Pedagogy

In addition to the main task of teaching, the Faculty of Pedagogy also joins hands in scientific research activities, organizes professional pedagogical contests, cultural and artistic movement activities, physical training and sports. Currently, the Faculty of Pedagogy is still striving to improve the quality of training, build a team of qualified teaching staff, who are dedicated to the profession and strengthen the facilities, more modern equipment, and meet the requirements of teaching and learning in the new era. With youth, enthusiasm and love for the profession, the faculty plays a crucial role in training teachers with sufficient qualifications and skills to meet the increasing education and training requirements of society.

With a sustainable history and existing potential, the Faculty of Pedagogy is one of the active factors in creating momentum for the transformation of Khanh Hoa University on the path of construction and development.

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