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Functions and tasks

1. Introduction

The Department of Planning and Finance is a unit attached to Khanh Hoa University, advising and assisting the Rector on the planning, implementation, and proposal of regulations and regulations on the management of financial resources; implementation of accounting - statistics following current regulations of the State.

Office: Ground floor, Principal area (Zone A) – Facility 1

Phone number: 0258.3523492

Internal phone: 101 – 102


2. Missions

The Planning and Finance Department is responsible for advising and summarizing for the Rector on the following tasks:

a/To formulate expenditure plans, investment projects and advise on the procurement of equipment for teaching-learning and political thought, culture, arts, and sports activities;

b) Make budget estimates, expenditure plans, allocations and payments in accordance with financial procedures. Make books, vouchers, and settlement reports on time. To manage and control the collection and expenditure of capital sources of the school;

c) Based on the tasks of the University, the plan of labor expenditures, enrollment expenditures, the State's funds and the self-financing funds of the University, the objectives of the departments, the Department of Planning and Finance shall take the lead in making the budget estimates and submit them to the University Advisory Council for decision by the Rector;

d/Checking the collection and payment units for final settlement. Summarize inventory and liquidation of assets;

dd/To settle salary contracts with labor subjects. Ensure the distribution of salaries, scholarships, and other types of benefits to officials and students under the policies;

e) Coordinate with the implementing units to implement the plan and guide the distribution and use of general funds for the whole University. To provide professional guidance to the departments and organizations of the accounting books system for monitoring and recording according to the requirements of financial operations, making monthly, quarterly, or annual settlement reports according to the needs of the superior vertical agencies and the Rector.

g/To manage and store the University's financial records, books and vouchers.

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