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The Department of Quality Assurance and Testing counsels and synthesizes the following specific tasks for the Rector (Issued together with Resolution No. 09/NQ-HDT on May 12, 2022 of the Council of Khanh Hoa University):

1. Function:

The Department of Quality Assurance and Testing has the function of advising and assisting the Rector in organizing the implementation of educational quality assurance and accreditation activities, taking exams and evaluating students’ results, and performing specific tasks.

2. Mission

a) Quality assurance and education quality

- Build and develop an internal education quality assurance system in line with the school's missions, goals and actual conditions;

- Develop policies and plans to ensure education quality;

- Act as the focal point for coordination and organization of self-assessment, improvement and training quality improvement; periodical registration for accrediting the training programs and accrediting of the educational institutions;

- Inspect and urge the administrative and education units to maintain and develop training quality assurance conditions, including lecturers, managers, and employees; training programs, textbooks, teaching and learning materials; classrooms, working rooms, laboratories, libraries, information technology systems, practice facilities; financial resources, dormitories and other service facilities;

- Annually, report on results of achievement of higher education quality objectives according to the education quality assurance plan; publicly announce conditions for ensuring training quality, results of training, scientific research and community services, and results of quality assessment and accreditation on the university's website;

- Propose the selection of an education quality accreditation commission to conduct assessments outside the training program and educational institutions, which has to ensure the satisfaction of domestic and international quality assessment standards and the current conditions of the university;

- Implement the regime of information, reporting and publicizing the results of quality accreditation of the University.

- Develop and implement the Quality Management System according to ISO standards, then monitor and evaluate the implementation of the ISO process of the units.

b) Examination work

- Develop an examination work program that is in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, making it possible to meet the general needs of the Education - Training sector and to be compatible with the University’s characteristics in order to ensure and improve the quality of training.;

- Preside over the development and advise the Rector to promulgate management documents, examination procedures, and guidance on examination work. Likewise, monitor and supervise the implementation of documents on examination work after issuing;

- Supervise the establishment and management of the written and spoken test bank for all subjects and modules in the university;

- Coordinate with relevant units in organizing entrance exams, general competency assessment exams, graduation exams, and end-of-course exams; organize the examination and supervision of the school's exams according to the decentralization; solve exam problems and reassessment of the exam;

- Organize the renovation of examination and examination work; propose and facilitate the necessary technical tools for the process of organizing the exams, the marking process, and the evaluation of exam results; apply scientific and technological advances to the university's testing activities.

c) Other works

- Perform quality assurance tasks according to the functions and duties of the unit and other tasks assigned by the Rector.

Office of Quality Assurance & Testing