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  03/06/2022 00:00        


The Student Affairs Department has the function of advising the Rector on student-related issues, specifically:

a) Student Affairs

- Coordinate the university enrollment propaganda; be in charge of organizing the reception of matriculated students, handle administrative procedures; organize graduation ceremony for bachelor’s degree holders;

- Organize and manage students' learning and training habits, evaluate and classify students according to training regulations; monitor the work of emulation, commendation and discipline among students; organize the implementation of activities on moral education, lifestyle, political and ideological work and movements among students;

- Prepare documents for student affairs; coordinate with other departments, faculties and centers of the university in managing students; manage student records and implement official policies and scholarships with students; devise community plans, organize, monitor and evaluate the implementation of community connection and service activities;

- Organize the management of the off-campus students according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training;

- Implement the consulting activities for students aiming at preparing them for necessary skills in business; offer students job support and collect data to track the alumni’s working situations;

- Implement school health work, health insurance work and other types of insurance for students of the whole school;

- Manage and monitor the students’ list and activities of the principal and academic advisors; organize annual summaries and recommendations for academic advising activities;

- Coordinate in organizing the implementation of contents and measures on career counseling; support students’ start-ups and career guidance; guide suitable employment activities among students according to regulations.

b) Management of boarding students at the Dormitory

- Organize the management of boarding students and implement activities of the dormitory according to the school's plan and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training;

- Manage the facilities of the dormitory; carry out the ensuring security and order of boarding students, organize self-study activities and daily lives of boarding students; organize fun and healthy activities for students in the dormitory;

- Coordinate with relevant units in the school and the local government where the dormitory is located to ensure the security and order conditions in the boarding area and the local social order and safety; organize student team or group models, self-managed teams participate in supporting the implementation of security and order in the dormitory.

c) Student support and business cooperation

- Student support and business cooperation to support students in learning, and practicing professional, specialized professional and life skills;

- Coordinate with specialized units in the school to cooperate with agencies/enterprises in the fields of training to introduce and support students to find jobs during and after completing their studies; seek funding for scholarships, invest in developing creative ideas for students;

- Develop programs, plans, and organize activities to support students starting a business;

- Survey current social needs about the majors that the university opened and is going to open.

- Provide a number of consulting services for start-ups;

- Organize and cooperate with other units on implementing startup activities;

- Perform quality assurance tasks according to the functions and duties of the unit and other tasks assigned by the Rector.

Extract from the Regulation on organization and operation of Khanh Hoa University (issued together with Resolution No. 09/NQ-HDT dated May 12, 2022 of the School Council, Khanh Hoa University on promulgating the Regulation on organization and activities of Khanh Hoa University)

Student Affairs