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Faculty of Pedagogy is one of the basic training faculties of Khanh Hoa University with a very early history of formation and development, associated with the name and tradition of over 40 years of construction and development of the former College of Education.

The Faculty of Pedagogy undertakes the following main tasks:

  1. Managing lecturers, other employees and students of the faculty according to the decentralization of the principal.
  2. Planning and organizing the implementation of education and training activities according to the school's general plan including: Developing training programs of the majors assigned by the school; organizing the compilation of detailed outlines of related subjects to ensure consistency and avoid overlap between subjects of the training program or between training levels; organizing the development of training programs, developing projects, compiling documents and textbooks according to the development orientation of the school; organizing the research to improve teaching and learning methods; developing and implementing methods of testing and evaluating students' learning and training results, ensuring learners' output standards according to announced commitments, meeting the employment needs of the labor market. . The development of training programs, textbooks and teaching materials must comply with regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.
  3. Planning and organizing the implementation of scientific and technological activities, international cooperation; cooperating with scientific and technological organizations, production and business establishments related to training professions and mobilizing the participation of enterprises in the training process of the faculty.
  4. Building plans to develop a contingent of lecturers, training professions and facilities in service of training and scientific research, enhancing conditions for ensuring training quality.
  5. Developing plans and organizing the implementation of political, ideological, ethical and lifestyle education for lecturers, employees and learners. Formulating plans to train and retrain to improve professional qualifications for lecturers and other employees of the faculty.
  6. Developing and organizing activities to connect and serve the community in accordance with the Law on Higher Education (amended in 2018).
  7. Organizing the assessment of managers, lecturers, researchers in the faculty and participating in the evaluation of school administrators according to the regulations of the school.
  8. Performing other tasks assigned by the Rector of Khanh Hoa University.

The Faculty of Pedagogy has a gathering of lecturers from major universities spread across three regions of the country. It is this meeting and agglomeration that has created a diversity and richness in the exchange, access and organization of professional activities, teaching and professional and extracurricular activities. The Faculty of Pedagogy is proud to have a team of lecturers with professional competence, scientific research capacity, extensive experience and passion for the profession. Updating professional knowledge and innovating teaching methods to improve teaching quality are always the primary objective that the Faculty aims for. From this mission, the professional groups as well as each lecturer always actively make efforts in professional activities, self-improvement in order to best meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education becoming an inspirational person for generations of students.


1. Literature Pedagogy

2. Mathematics Pedagogy

3. Physics Pedagogy

4. Primary Education


Associate Professor - Doctor: 01

Doctors: 04

Masters: 20 (of which 06 lecturers are studying for PhD).

Strategic partners: Local high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools in Khanh Hoa Province

Cooperation partners: Daegu National University of Education, Korea


7. Faculty of Pedagogy

Address: Campus 1 of Khanh Hoa University

01 Nguyen Chanh, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City

Phone number: (058) 3 523 309 - Email: