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1. Functions

The University of Khanh Hoa has the function of multidisciplinary training at the junior college, college and undergraduate levels; providing joint training programs for the Master’s and Doctorate degrees; conducting scientific research with schools, institutes, and enterprises; transferring science and technology; performing research services and other tasks as prescribed by law.

2. Tasks

- Build a team of highly qualified lecturers with practical knowledge; provide sufficient quantity and balance in terms of qualification structure, structure of training professions; establish policies to attract talents and foster lecturers to serve the training needs of the university;

 - Recruit and train human resources with good political and moral qualities, with knowledge and professional skills commensurate with their training level, with health and the ability to create job opportunities for themselves and for others.

- Conduct scientific research and technological development, linked with training and scientific research in accordance with the Law on Science and Technology, the Law on Education and other provisions of law;

- Preserve and promote the national cultural identity;

- Manage and use land, facilities, equipment and finance in accordance with law;

- Perform other tasks as prescribed by law and Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee.

3. Rights and responsibilities of the University of Khanh Hoa

- Establish and organize the implementation of university development master plans after being approved by the People's Committee of Khanh Hoa province in accordance with the master plan on education development strategy and the network of state universities and colleges;

 - Develop training programs, compile textbooks, make teaching and learning plans suitable to the level and form of training for each training discipline on the basis of the framework program issued by the Ministry of Education and Training. Organize training activities, recognize graduation, print certificates, grant diplomas and certificates according to regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training;

- Aim to reach financial autonomy according to the government's regulations; mobilize, manage and use resources to achieve educational objectives; cooperate and associate with domestic and foreign economic, educational, cultural, sports, health and scientific research organizations according to the provisions of law in order to improve the quality of education, attach training with scientific research, production and employment, serving the cause of socio-economic development;

- Register, participate in the selection of science and technology contracts, sign and perform science and technology contracts; train human resources, foster talents in science and technology, contributing to building and developing the country's scientific and technological potential and international integration;

- Possess protected intellectual property rights; transfer, and announce the results of scientific and technological activities; protect the interests of the State and society, the legitimate rights and interests of individuals in training, scientific and technological activities of the university. Organize and participate in the assessment and acceptance of scientific research topics and projects at all levels; publish scientific journals, scientific publications, documents, in service of training, scientific research and technological development in accordance with the Law on Publishing and the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the functions of the university;

- Receive funding from organizations and individuals as prescribed by law, contribute capital in money, property, value of intellectual property rights; use income from economic activities to build the school's facilities; sponsor activities to implement preferential policies for children and family members subject to the policy, humanitarian and charitable social activities;

 - To be assigned land use rights by the government, to rent land, to borrow capital, and to be exempted and reduced from taxes as prescribed by law;

- Organize the university structure, recruit lecturers, officers and employees. Establish and dissolve units below the level of departments, faculties, centers, affiliated groups, science and technology organizations, service units and enterprises of the university in accordance with the government’s regulations;

- Organize school activities at establishments registered and approved by the Ministry of Education and Training.

* Organizational structure of the University of Khanh Hoa: