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E-office Lịch công tác
  09/06/2017 14:44        

Functions and tasks


- Develop and submit to the Rector for promulgation guidelines, policies, regulations and regulations on scientific research of the University;

- Develop a research and scientific application plan for the University; be the focal point for promoting the development of research and scientific application activities;

- To receive and implement projects and scientific research projects at the State, Ministry, local and grassroots levels; to monitor and manage the progress of implementation and acceptance of scientific projects, scientific research projects and experience initiatives;

- Program, organize and expand the implementation of scientific research cooperation with local, domestic and international partners;

- To manage and administer cooperation projects in scientific research and training assigned; to act as a focal point for the preparation of dossiers and procedures for applying for operating licenses for new programs and projects; to advise on the transfer of domestic and foreign scientific research results to localities, educational institutions and production, business and service establishments; to register intellectual property of scientific research products;

- Implement and manage scientific research activities and services related to scientific research; according to its competence, organize the protection, evaluation, approval, summary and reward of scientific research initiatives, experiences and works of officials and students;

- Advise on scientific research cooperation with partners; Manage records and records of academic staff;


- Advise on strategic guidelines and contents in cooperation with domestic and foreign educational institutions, develop short-term and long-term cooperation plans for external cooperation activities in accordance with the size, potential and conditions of the university;

- Explore organizations, training institutions, and scientific research in the country and the world, advise the university leaders to implement the cooperation program effectively; is the department that helps the Rector in negotiating, signing working documents and cooperating with partners on the areas of interest of the two parties;

- Develop plans and carry out necessary procedures for quarterly and annual inbound and outbound delegations; coordinate with the university units to prepare facilities to welcome and work with international boards; coordinate with relevant departments to manage international students;

- Support and inspect the units in the university on external affairs, the establishment and implementation of cooperation relationships, the implementation of exterior cooperation projects; manage the programs and contents of activities of the units and individuals in the university on foreign affairs;

- Perform quality assurance tasks according to the functions and duties of the unit and other tasks assigned by the Rector.


 - Providing some consulting services on research;

 - Organize and cooperate with other units in the implementation of research and technology transfer activities;

 - Consulting on transferring scientific research results; managing and supporting intellectual property and scientific research activities.

Office of Science & Technology and External Cooperation